6 Types of Personal Brand Stories You Can Tell

A huge part of my process when working with personal brand photography clients is helping them identify very specifically what brand stories they want to tell. It’s very much a collaboration because the better I can understand you and your business, the better I can translate those stories into high impact images that resonate with your audience.

Your story is who you are and why you do what you do.

Since we each have many stories that make up who we are, I find it easiest to break stories down into 6 main categories: Business, Family, Hobbies, Inspiration, Community, & Events.

Business Stories

These types of images give your audience insight into HOW you run your business. This is a great opportunity to show yourself interacting with your clients or giving a behind-the-scenes look at your prep or setup.

For me, whenever I do a photoshoot I ask my husband to capture photos of my light setup, how I guide clients through posing, and how I help them pick out the best photos from their gallery.

These images are meant to build trust and show off your expertise.


Family Stories

These images often showcase WHY you went into business in the first place. You may be running a family business or hustling on the side because you want to provide more for your spouse and children.

Images of how you spend time with loved ones often get the most engagement because people can easily identify with that. You can even share unique family traditions and be pleasantly surprised at what other people share in return.


Hobby Stories


These images are opportunities to RELATE to your target audience. People relate to each other when they like the same things, like favorite movies, food, sports, or weekend activities. This is also a great way to teach your audience how to do something you already love doing.

On my most recent personal brand shoot, I photographed my client preparing and drinking a cup of tea in her kitchen. She identified it as an important part of her morning routine because it helped her get into a calm, peaceful mindset so that she could have a productive day. The images paired well with her blog where she talks about self-care and productivity in order to achieve your goals.

One hobby I consistently share on my IG stories is running photos. Whenever I travel to a new city or country, my husband and I make a point to find jogging routes as a way to explore the place on foot and then sharing what we see along the way.

So think of all the different ways you enjoy your free time and share why you love that particular thing/place/activity.


Inspiration Stories

These images share WHO or WHAT inspires you. Sharing an image of an inspirational quote is of course very popular. But what if instead you used that quote as a caption and paired it with an image that embodied that message?

It could be you spending time with a mentor or colleague who motivates you. It could be a place you visit to brainstorm or escape to when you need space. Or what about a lucky charm with special meaning? We all have objects or trinkets that we keep because there’s a story behind it just waiting to be shared.


Community Stories

These images showcase how you IMPACT and SUPPORT the community. Is there a charity or special cause you contribute to? Often the causes we advocates for say a lot about our values and what’s important to us.

Images that showcase helpful collaborations you’ve done or networks you’ve partnered with have the potential to be shared to broader audiences. Remember to tag or link to those being featured in your photos in order to spread the awareness.


Event Stories

These images document important MILESTONES you’re experiencing. You could share an event you’re speaking or presenting at, or a celebration you’re hosting (ex: your 10th year in business!). You can share emotional milestones, like getting over your fearing of going live on camera. Or your happiness at completing a 30 day challenge.

You can also plan to have photos that align with certain holidays or national/global events. For example, you can share a sports-themed image during the World Cup or Super Bowl. Or share holiday-themed images during Halloween or Christmas. You can then tag these images with trending hashtags to make them more discoverable.

In Conclusion

So there you have it! Six categories to get your brainstorming juices flowing. If you’re a little overwhelmed with where to start, I recommend focusing on just two categories that you can consistently post images for so you get into a rhythm on social media.

Drop me a comment below on which stories you want to focus on and why =D